More of the Ab Fab. Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) owns a sort of fashion-PR company that sort of, well, does fashion things sweetie - lights, models, guest list...just do your best, darling, I'm chanting as we speak...

Occasionally obsessed with her weight, but mostly obsessed with getting recognition for being... well, just being, darling - celebrity, A-list parties, all the right people, sweetie, names,
darling, NAMES!...

Patsy (Joanna Lumley) is a roving fashion editor (" snap of my fingers, and I could raise hemlines so high the whole world is your gynecologist!"), and hard-line party girl from the 'been there, done that' school of rowdiness. She's tried everything, including being a man ("only for a year, darling - it fell off..."), and defies aging by any and all means available, damn the cost! (Falken pars. 5-7)

Perhaps writers should take their advice on how they go through life to construct voice. Think: do your best, make your writing powerful, try different voices, and defy the boundaries.
If a student can get power of voice in certain moods, memories, trains of thought, and words or paragraphs, a student will begin to use voice more. If they experiment and try on different voices and see where it leads, voice will become available in other areas of writing and in entire papers. If the Ab Fab team can't propel you to writing success try these tips:


voice tips for the writer


voice tips for the teacher/tutor


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