Constructing Voice Tips


for the teacher/tutor
* Mark passages with a line in the margin to denote passages with strength, resonance, and power. Peter Elbow would tell his students he liked reading these lines and that something special was occurring. He also asked them whether they also felt something special. Students like the feedback and begin to like writing more when they see this connection between writing and themselves.

* Listen for the link between the voice and self. This makes classroom grading more fair and empowers badly treated persons and groups in society. (Elbow Lightning 2)

* Free compositions from privileging the reader's point of view and neglecting the writer's point of view. Thus, teachers will find it easier to make inferences about the relationship between the text and the actual person who wrote it. (Elbow Lightning 2)

* Create safety and trust in the classroom; create courage and self trust in the writer. Almost anyone can produce writing that captures the attention and interest of readers when the writing experience feels secure. (Elbow Lightning 2)


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