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Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a great way to play around with voice and have fun at the same time.

Before you begin there are a few rules.
1) Your voice is controlled by the kind of Mad Lib you are playing. So if you play Hamlet's third soliloquiy, use words like Shakespeare would. Act like a physics teacher for Art Hobson's Mad Lib. Pretend you are the Beatles. You get the idea -- play a role.
2) Your role requires you to relate verbs as the persona your role suggests would say
3) Nouns are modified by the kind of person you project yourself as
4) Adjectives and adverbs are regulated by the nouns and verbs your role chooses

The result, the story you create in your Mad Lib, is your voice in that role. Think of an essay in such a way, and your voice will come out easier.


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