It's a Smaller World, but is it a Better One?

"The irony of the situation is that though the size of distances between people and places is shrinking, each of us is becoming more and more isolated from the outer world."

-Andrew Publow

"The world is a much smaller place now than it was just a few years ago, and in many ways that's good. . . If I choose to, I can be in touch with my family every single day. . ."

-Lydia Gies

"World wide communication is now possible in a matter of seconds. . . the usage of computers personalizes treatment between people that are separated and allows communication and exchanges that would have been harder or even impossible to do without the computer."

-Desiree Maldonado

". . . the idea that humans will lose touch with each other. . . I say it is a bunch of BS. A lot of technology helps people to communicate faster and more often."

-Todd Ferrante

"Technology has become a more intrusive part of our life since the invention of the computer. We are quickly becoming a society of information and we are finding material goods of little use."

-Alisa Palmisano

"For more and more people everyday life includes some interaction with the internet. . . the better that technology is, the more comfortable life is, and the greater our chance to survive is, but it will never replace us or define us."

-Bruce Ingersoll

Survey Says?!

"University of Richmond students, do you feel that this 'shrinking world' is a better world because of the new communications technology?" (23 students surveyed)

Yes: 84% Same: 8% No: 8%

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