The Humanitarian Perspective on Technology

We all sense it- there is an inevitable separation between humans and the machines that they have created. But exactly how does this play out in our daily interactions with technology? The goal of this research was to get the truth straight from the mouths of students who are in constant interaction with one of technology's most popular products: the personal computer. Read on to find out if you share any sentiments with the University of Richmond students who contributed their opinions...

It's a Smaller World, But is it a Better One?

Technological Tension

Do Knowledge and Fear Go Hand in Hand?

Quality versus Quantity

If You Could Fathom the Future

On Matters of the Heart

The Professors Ponder

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"The Spiders' Spin on the Web of Technology"

The contents of this page developed by Larina Orlando, Fall 1996, to partially fulfill requirements for English 376, "Composition Theory and Pedagogy."