Technological Tension!?!

"I will admit that I hate computers. I hate writing papers on them. I hate turning them off, wondering if I will ever see my work again. I hate paperless assignments."

-Kelley Kazor

"There must be other people out there who occasionally get tired of e-mail and things that blink and computers that don't work."

-Larina Orlando, editor

"Technology has become a more intrusive part of our life since the invention of the computer."

-Alisa Palmisano

"This constant, interpersonal interaction can lead to dependence on things that are not concrete, and should therefore not really be depended upon. Either I want to depend on things I can touch or at least see, or I want to depend entirely on myself."

-Lydia Gies

"I know for myself that computers are irritable and cause me more problems than help."

-Celeste Fernandez

"I only had my computer hooked up with a network card last week. You wouldn't believe the hassle that this was. I had to use my roommate's computer if I did any work involving Netscape, Alysa's computer to do these newsgroups, and was told by the computer help desk that it simply wasn't practical to check my e-mail until my computer was hooked up."

-Tally Boniface

"Most [students] tend to distrust their computers. They refuse to learn any more about the machines than they have to in order to compose."

-Hebert, Ernest. (Hebert, 7)

Survey Says?!

"University of Richmond students, approximately how often do you experience tension because of a computer?" (23 students surveyed)

Never: 13% Once a week: 48% Once a day: 39%

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