If You Could Fathom the Future...

So Say the Optimists:

"In the future, even newer technology will emerge and cultural adjustments will continue to occur, until many people within our society become computer literate."

-Erin Fleming

"Who knows, in the twenty-third century maybe we will have star ships that can beam us up and down to the planet, making visits no hassle at all."

-Todd Ferrante

"An advantage of a different sort. . . [computers] might reduce the amount of paper used for articles, information, and newspapers. . ."

-Desiree Maldonado

And According to the Pessimists:

"I'm saying that [cyberspace] has the potential to be a bad thing, and is already fulfilling some of that potential (think about scams over the internet, child porn, etc.)"

-Kristel Widner

"It will be very difficult for many of the professors and students [of today] to get ready for the world that lies ahead. The older generation will not live to see the full impact of this cyberworld and the younger generation has a great head start on this technology."

-Jeff Lewandowski

"And I'm not sure as a writer I like this whole net thing. What's the allure to read a book when there's the fast and easy net?"

-Jessica Heitman

"As human interactions become less a part of our daily lives, we may become desensitized to other people's feelings and concerns. This may in turn translate to more crime and other violence because we will no longer regard each other as valuable individuals."

-Alisa Palmisano

From the editor: Click here to see how kids are actually using technology to stop violence!

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