On Matters of the Heart...

"For instance, as romance increases on the internet, interpersonal communication and relationship dynamics will also change."

-Ashley Baynham

"We'll probably be able to get married over the internet. Good idea! [Sarcasm] Who needs the family present or the finale kiss?"

-Celeste Fernandez

"Does [e-mail] really come close to the feeling of hearing your best friend's voice on the other end when you pick up the phone, or opening the mail box and finding a handwritten card or letter?"

-Laura Bousquet

"Last year, before I had any idea how to use email, I talked on the phone with my friends all the time. [Now] you get to feel that you "talk" to the person every day." (Interesting change of heart! -ed.)

-Anne Bolton

Let's hear it from the boys. . .

"People are only going to accept so much user-terminal interaction. No matter how advanced cyberculture gets, people still want and need personal interaction."

-Bruce Ingersoll

"Instead of going to meet a friend at a coffee-shop, one can 'talk' to him/her over email, in a chat room, or even more specifically at a cyber cafe! How pathetic is that!"

- Anthony Publow

On e-mail breakdown. . .

"When I finally did check my messages, I had about thirty. I showed my roommate the list, and she replied, 'There are a lot of angry people out there.' One of my good friends wrote me back and said that my friends from high school were indeed getting frustrated. My dad was also annoyed."

-Tally Boniface

The Love Survey Says!?

"University of Richmond students, have you ever experienced any form of romance via email or the Internet?" (23 students surveyed)

Yes: 61% No: 39%

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