Writer's WebInterview with Professor Hocutt

Prof. Daniel Hocutt

B.A. University of Richmond
M.A. University of Richmond

In 2011, two Writing Consultants met with Dr. Hocutt to discuss his experience teaching continuing studies and professional students. Here are some of his words of advice for you, the SPCS student, and for Writing Consultants working with SPCS students.

What are some of the biggest struggles you see SPCS students having often?

Key Points:

"“[SPCS Students] haven’t been in the academic environment for a long time.”

“They... [usually need] help developing arguments, both on the logics side and on the construction of the argument.”

What advice would you give to students returning to academic writing?

Key Points:

“If you read better, you’ll begin to write better.”

“There's no better way to improve writing than to write.”

What makes SPCS students different from traditional students? How are their learning styles different?

Key Points:

“SPCS students don’t differ that much from traditional students.”

"[In regards to their] learning styles, [SPCS students] come from a professional environment.”

What techniques would you offer writing consultants to use when working with SPCS students?

Key Points:

"Have adult students read their work aloud.”

We thank Professor Hocutt for his help in creating this segment!

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