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Student artists' ideas for our mascot 

Community Service Day 2002: University of Richmond Volunteers at Elkhardt Middle School

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Bellwood Elementary: Mac & Apple IIGS systems in use for reading instruction, other projects in special education classes, internet access in labs and classrooms. Student artists completed an assignment to create our mascot. Older Mac systems are donated directly to Bellwood families.

Big Brothers & Sisters of Richmond: Power Mac systems for families.

Elkhardt Elementary: Site of Community Service Day 2002 for the University of Richmond

Enon Elementary: Mac and PC systems for teachers and the Library/Media Center.

Genocide Prevention Center, Alexandria VA: PC systems for central office.

Goochland Family YMCA: 68K and Power Mac systems for keyboarding skills classes for K-5 age children.

Refugee & Immigration Services, Catholic Diocese of Richmond: PC and Mac systems provided to area refugee families from the Balkans, Central Asia, East Africa, Central & South America.

Southside Baptist Temple: Mac and PC systems for classes and after-school programs.