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Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite!

Your first draft should never be your last! After finishing your first draft, take a day or so away from your writing to look at it again with "fresh eyes." Your professors can tell when your paper is rushed. When looking over your paper again, The Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors suggests some points of consideration on your draft:

To help weed out sentence-level errors, try reading your paper aloud. When reading silently you will often miss small errors because your brain corrects them automatically. Reading aloud will help you notice missing words or confusingly-structured sentences because you hear your voice speaking the words rather than hearing what you expect the words to be in your mind.

Want some extra advice on your writing?

The University of Richmond has a great Writing Center whose Consultants can help you through your writing process. Whether you'd like our Consultants to review and offer suggestions on a completed draft, some ideas on how to continue a paper you've already started, or even just some help in figuring out what you should write to begin with, our Writing Consultants would be happy to meet with you. Check out the Writing Center Webpage to make an appointment to see a Writing Consultant for your next assignment!

The Writing Center website is also home to Writer's Web, a free, public-access writing handbook with tips and explanations that may be helpful to you.


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