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Rachel Hall, UR Writing Consultant ('14), Daniel Palazzolo, Ph.D.

(printable version here)

Dr. Palazzolo provided his FYS students with a checklist of Editor's points a Political Science Student should go over before turning in a final paper. Here are the 10 points of his editor's checklist:

1. The introduction contains a clearly stated and precisely worded thesis.
2. The paper is well organized.
3. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence, i.e. a controlling idea.
4. The sentences within each paragraph follow a logical sequence, i.e. each sentence follows logically from its predecessor.
5. The author uses the active voice and has eliminated unnecessary passive verbs and prepositions. I underscore the word “unnecessary;” in some situations prepositions and the verb “to be” make sense. Before completing the paper, use the find feature to search for words like: is, are, was, were, there, in, of, for, and with. The author should review the sentence and ask, how can I write a more direct, concise sentence?
6. Unspecified pronouns, such as “this” or “that” are not left alone; i.e. “this” should be followed by a noun describing “this.”
7. The author uses proper syntax, i.e. word choice, throughout the paper.
8. The author supports the main points with relevant evidence (facts, data, quotations, and observations).
9. The evidence is consistent with the argument from the beginning to the end of the paper.
10. The author properly references all sources of information (for guidance see the “Referencing Format” document under Assignments in Blackboard).

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