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Write a 500-word argument (about 2 pages double-spaced) about how you know that something is true.

Sample: Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth (PDF)

In this paper, reflect on your understanding of and motivations for engaging in community service.

Sample: Why I Serve (PDF)

Write a 1000-word (about 4 pages double-spaced) essay that critically examines the argument in an editorial on an issue related to leadership. Find an editorial from a major newspaper or magazine. Make sure that it is a fairly long editorial. Isolate the major premises of the author’s argument. Assess the quality of the premises. Is there suppressed evidence? Are the premises true? Do the premises logically lead to the editorial’s conclusion? How does the author use language to persuade or mislead the reader?

Sample: Editorial Analysis (PDF)

In this final course paper, you will be asked to integrate what you've learned in class into your service experiences, or vice versa. For instance, you might want to apply the contemporary theories on justice and civil society to an understanding and/or a solving of particular problems of the community (or work site) in which you have been engaged. Or, you might want to attempt to criticize, supplement, or ameliorate the theories that you've learned in light of your own site experiences. Either way, you should draw on your experience (including journals); an interview (when possible) with your site supervisor; the assigned course reading; and at least three additional published sources (either books or periodicals) of direct relevance to your specific topic.

Sample: The Effect of Poverty on the Lives and Futures of Children (PDF)

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