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1. Meet with your professor

  • Get a clear understanding of what the teacher expects from the assignment.
  • Be sure to have questions prepared before meeting time.
  • Take an outline of what you intend to do with the assignment to ensure that you're headed in the right direction.
  • Formulate alternative ideas in case your original idea does not coincide with the professor's expectations.

2. Go over the related readings for ideas and inspiration

  • As suggested in the advice section, when reading the assigned readings for the course, it will be incredibly helpful to take notes in the margins. Referring to these notes may help to brainstorm new ideas for written work.
  • Additionally, reviewing the related readings will help to find support for the original ideas that you intend to introduce within the written work.

3. Think of how it applies to the real world

  • Because leadership is a process evident in every day life, there are many ways in which the class discussions and readings relate to the real world. Incorporating ideas from your courses into real life situations will assist in the process of creating original ideas and brainstorming.
  • This is a successful technique for getting over the stall of "writer's block" because it helps make the topic of leadership more relative.

4. Outline the paper and start well ahead of the deadline

  • Outlining your paper early will make the writing process much easier and allow you to see how your ideas relate and interact.
  • Include direct support from readings in the outline to see areas where more support is necessary.
  • Beginning well ahead of the deadline will give you more time to address any issues that you may confront within the writing process.
  • Plan a writing consultation at the UR Writing Center to begin getting ideas flowing and for help throughout the entire writing process. This meeting may be more beneficial if you have more time to fully incorporate and apply the suggestions that the Writing Consultant may make.

For more help, use the UR Writer's Web page for "Where to Start a Paper"

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