Writer's WebHow to Begin Writing an International Studies Paper

As the discipline of International Studies is highly unique in the sense that it lends itself to many perspectives (historical, anthropological, political, etc.), the writing assignment topics and prompts require careful planning. When beginning an IS paper, consider these steps:

I. Understand the task at hand.

II. Recognize the audience.

III. Imagine an appropriate model. Be mindful as to what type of paper is appropriate to the assignment. Such as...

Keep in mind that the type of paper and expectations for papers will vary from professor to professor. This categorization only provides a generalized overview of common models. If you ever have any questions regarding what model to use, consult your professor.

IV. Plan how the argument should be structured. Papers that are strongly argued tend to be structured so that...

If you are still feeling bogged down, go speak with your professor and see the Writer's Web exercise on getting started.


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