Writer's WebThe Basics of Writing a Paper for an International Studies Class

International Studies is a highly unique field defined by its interdisciplinary focus. Classes in the major are housed across a variety of areas of study including history, modern literatures and cultures, political science, and sociology. The broad spectrum of classes that fall under the heading of International Studies means that there is not a narrow set of guidelines for writing in the field, as there are in other majors. Rather, students follow a generalized set of principles that hold true across the discipline and adjust their writing as necessary based on the preferences and expectations of various professors and the assignment at hand. On the whole, strong IS papers tend to...

I. Be argument-driven. As typical of the humanities and social sciences, IS papers rely heavily on strong arguments. Professors typically look for arguments to:

II. Use specific examples. As discussed above, evidence is an essential component of IS papers. When integrating evidence into papers, students should keep the following in mind:

III. Take a strong position. Papers can be weakened when their arguments are:

IV. Have clear, succinct writing. Clear writing avoids:

V. Follow general standards of college-level writing.

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