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Special thanks to Jerry Murbach, of www.doctormacro.com, for permission to reproduce these images.

Mis en scene

example of mis en scene, brandoWho is the boss of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club in The Wild One? Mis en scene, through placement of characters and contrast, gives us the answer. Marlon Brando's position in the frame is obvious, but since everyone wears black, having Brando place his hands outside of his pockets sets him apart. (back to mis en scene)

Mis en scene and High Angle Shot

High angle example of mis en sceneMis en scene at work. While this high-angle shot should reduce the importance of Orson Welles' famous character, Charles Foster Kane, the use of lighting, costume, the actor's stance, and contrast of light and dark reveal Kane's willpower and role as the builder of a newspaper empire. (back to mis en scene) (back to high angle shot)

Low angle shot

example of a low angle shot
This shot from Citizen Kane, using a low-angle shot and clever lighting, reveals Susan Alexander Kane's fear. She is the focal point of the shot, but her husband becomes a secondary focus as her gaze leads the viewer to his dark figure at the far left. (back to low angle shot)

Elements of framing a shot

In one of the most famous scenes from any Hitchcock film, the elements used to frame the shot enhance the danger Cary Grant's character clearly faces in North by Northwest. (back to framing a shot)


example of anti-hero, bronson

Charles Bronson, one of the most popular anti-heroes in film, poses in a setting that enhances his image. (back to anti-hero)

Film Noir

example of film noir poster

This movie poster contains visual elements and themes typical of film noir. (back to film noir)


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