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Below are interviews with two professors, Abagail Cheever, Ph.D., and Joe Essid, Ph.D. They offer insight about what to expect from a film studies paper, how an essay for film studies may differ from an essay for a literature class, and how film can be incorporated into the study of literature. Key points from the interviews follow the videos.


Abagail Cheever, Ph.D. :


Key Points:

Students "write as if it were a novel... never thinking about how the visual elements of the frame also work to tell that story"

"Where has the director placed the camera, and how does that effect what I see in front of me?"

"A discussion of both the narrative and the plot, but also a discussion of how the visuals are being used in conjunction to that"

Joe Essid, Ph.D. :


Key Points:

"Film provides different types of techniques that are related to motion"

"Novices... will tend to review the film instead of getting into the technical details"

"Go beyond plot into film-making"

"Students need to learn to communicate in multiple genres"

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