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Adapted from A Research Guide

Topic: An interpretation of Shakespeare's depiction of the female body in various works.

I. Introduction: Consisting of a brief introduction to the subject matter and a clear statement of the author's interpretation of a specific issue (i.e. declaration of thesis).

II. Body

A. Familial Relationships

1. Early life: a discussion of the impact Shakespeare's paternal and maternal relationships may have had on his vision of the female

ii. Paternal Influence
iii. Maternal influence

2. Adult life: a discussion of Shakespeare's relationship with his wife and children and the possible implications these relationships may have had on his perception
of family, the female, and maternal obligation.

B. Works: a discussion of how Shakespeare treats the female body in a variety of different works.

1. Plays

i. Tragedies

(a) Romeo and Juliet
(b) Hamlet

ii. Comedies

(a) The Tempest
(b) Much Ado About Nothing

iii. Histories

(a) King John
(b) Richard III
(c) Henry VIII

2. Sonnets

3. Other poems

C. Later Years

1. Last two plays

2. Retired to Stratford

i. Death
ii. Burial

(a) epitaph

III. Conclusion

A. Analytical Summary

1. Shakespeare's early life
2. Shakespeare's early work
3. Shakespeare's later years

B. Thesis reworded

C. Concluding statement: extrapolation upon previously reworded thesis

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