Worksheet for ResearchWriter's Web
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1. What is the working title for your research paper?  Be creative.


2. Describe in complete sentences the question or issue (thesis) you will be addressing?


3. [For dance papers only] What is the title of the article in The International Encyclopedia of Dance (REF GV 1585 .I586 1998, or on-line) that gives you the most information on your subject? (Using the index to the encyclopedia might lead you to additional articles)  

Write the citation for this article in correct MLA style.


4. Use the UR Library Catalog to identify a book you could use for your paper.



Publishing information:

Call number:

Why did you pick this one?

What does it cover?

Does it have a bibliography?

Write the citation for this book in correct MLA style.


5.  Use one of Boatwright Library's subject guides for Theatre or Dance to find a journal article for your paper.

Index used:

Author(s) of the article:

Title of the article:

Title of the journal:

Date and page information:

Why did you choose this article?

Is it scholarly?

What does it add to your paper?

Write the citation for this article in correct MLA style.


6.  Give the citations in correct MLA style for the two additional sources of your choosing and explain what each one contributes to your paper.  (You do not have to use a web page if you do not find a good one but if you do see # 7).


7. If you choose to use a web page with information you possibly could use for your paper be sure you can provide correct information and know this site is accurate;

URL (web address):

Title of page:

Is an author identified?

If so, who is it? 

What are the author’s credentials?

Who sponsors the page?

Is there an agenda or bias expressed? Are they trying to sell you something? Convince you of something? What is the purpose of the page?

How do you know the information on the page is reliable and of a quality appropriate to use in a research paper?

Write the citation for this web page in correct MLA style.

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