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By Myra Daleng, Richmond Department of Theatre & Dance

N.B. Though the references to the International Encyclopedia of Dance apply only to dance papers, the rest is all applicable to papers in both theatre and dance classes

Here are a few things for you to include when writing your research paper.  It is important for everyone to know these things that must be included, as this will save you time and hopefully extra work later.

You will explore the topic you have chosen in order to compose a 5 page paper, in which you present ideas as well as facts you have culled and synthesized from legitimate primary and secondary sources.  Make sure your topic is not too broad.  Be sure to find a point of view and determine the purpose of your paper when researching a biography, historical event or piece of choreography.  Don't try to cover too much in a five-page paper. 

On the other hand, be sure there is enough material to support the five-source, minimum five-page requirement.  It is essential that you do preliminary reading in order to evaluate a topic for consideration.  Some of the ways this can be done is by looking at the International Encyclopedia of Dance (REF GV 1585.1586 1998), INFOTRAC or going to the dance collection in the stacks at the library.

A minimum of 5 sources will be cited: 

At least 1 from the International Encyclopedia of Dance
      (REF GV 1585 .I586 1998)

At least 1 journal article

At least 1 book (hard text)

At least 2 of your own choosing

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this assignment.

Be sure you use the MLA style.  All information must be cited that is not common knowledge or your own ideas in the bibliography, which becomes Works Cited on the final draft.

Do not believe everything you read. People can create fiction on computers as easily as they can in print or aural media.

                  Who wrote or compiled the information?

                  What is their authority to write or speak on this topic?

                  Who is providing the information or sponsoring the web site?

                  Do they have a vested interest in a particular point of view?

                  How up-to-date is the information in the resource?

                  How accurate is the information?

                  How easy is it to search the web site?  


Research Paper Checklist

_____Title page that includes: title of paper, student's name, date, class, professor's name, pledge written in full and signed.  Title page information should not be included on first page of the body of the paper, since you have a title page.

_____ Include your last name and page number in upper right corner of each page.

_____ Use one-inch margin on all sides in the text of your paper.  Check your computer settings.

_____ Use MLA style (internal citations, no footnotes).

_____ Last page on final draft should read Works Cited.  You may use Bibliography on first/rough draft.

_____ Works Cited includes only those sources found in text of paper.

______  A minimum of five sources cited.

_____ First Draft with writing fellow comments must be stapled to Final Draft. 

The Writing Consultant's comments on your first draft must be stapled to your final draft or you will not receive credit for the final research paper. 


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