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Writing rituals are personal habits, which make no practical sense with regards to writing, that people routinely perform when they are faced with a writing task. These habits are typically related to the time one writes, the environment in which one writes, and/or one's behavior while writing.

Writing rituals based on time dictate either how long of a time period the author spends writing or the time of day at which they write. Those writing rituals related to environment are defined by a particular location (i.e. bedroom, park, beach, tree house) in a certain condition (i.e. clean, messy, secluded, populated, noisy, quiet). Behavior-based writing rituals are repeated actions performed (without direct attention) either before or while writing, which often are idiosyncratic or monotonous (i.e. sitting, smoking, sipping a drink, vacuuming, pencil sharpening)

Benefits of Writing Rituals:

Tips for Improving Writing Confidence:


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