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Marketing includes many aspects in addition to writing papers. There are various ways to create value and satisfaction for consumers. It is important to appeal to all of the senses when marketing a product or service. One may be enticed to buy baked goods after smelling the scent or tasting a free sample. It is the marketer's job to provide value and create customer appeal. You should keep in mind the profile of the customer that you are trying to attract.

Use of Visual Aids

When using visual aids, consider how each part of the design will impact the audience. A picture can have multiple emotions or intrinsic meanings for each individual. You should decide what appeal or emotions you want to evoke through the use of each picture. The placement of pictures can also be very important. The top-left corner and bottom-right corner are the areas where the human eye naturally will look. The get the best affect from your photos, place them in these areas.

Also, try to limit long sentences and paragraphs on visuals. Bullet points and short sentences will work to get the point across quickly and efficiently. Make sure that there is open space on the screen, page, board, web site, etc. While white space can seem like a bad thing, it creates balance for all of the visuals, including the words. A lack of blank space can make the reader feel overwhelmed or confused.

Use of Social Media

The fast rise of social media through technology and the internet has lead to a new, innovative way to market brands and sell products. Social media, however, is ever-changing, with trends lead by the younger, tech-savvy generations. This creates many communication-based jobs, focusing on how companies can best reach the masses through media.

Some key points to keep in mind when employing social media in a marketing strategy:


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