Writer's WebWriting an Effective Marketing Plan
by Tim Stone and Chris Lilly, Writing Consultants
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The first step to writing an effective marketing plan is to know the assignment. The way you approach a 40-page assignment will differ from the way that you approach a 75-page assignment. For a 40-page assignment, design a plan that has a specific subject topic. Brevity is very important, so do not focus on hitting the maximum page number. One professor suggested that students should set a goal of 25 pages for a 40-page assignment and expand on their ideas as needed. Make sure you maintain an emphasis on clear and concise writing. You have more leeway with longer assignments. The topic can be expanded, but it is acceptable and recommended to not hit the maximum page limit.

The main goal of a marketing plan is to find an objective. What is the goal of the writing? This objective would be stated at the beginning of the paper because the reader immediately wants to know how you propose to solve the problem. The rest of the paper illustrates how you will deliver on that goal or objective. A strong argument may look in the brand front of the company and see what can be done to improve or change the marketing strategy. You should consider what could be done to differentiate the product. Companies have been successful with various marketing strategies and it is important to find one that will work for the individual company. Focus on how to create, communicate, and deliver value to the consumer.

Before submitting the paper, make sure that all the parts of the paper are well thought out and synthesized. Large assignments that involve multiple people can easily seem disjointed and unorganized. Read through the paper for fluidity, to see if each person's ideas and writing style match up and there is a logical progression for the argument.

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