ites are organized alphabetically by site name or location. Inclusion in this list does not necessarily represent the University of Richmond WAC Program's approval or support of the site or the accuracy of its information.

Resources for Writers
Chicago Manual of Style Footnoting
This site contains abridged selections from the text version of The Chicago Manual of Style. The contents are divided into three sections as follow: Documentation Style I - Footnotes, Endnotes, and Bibliographies; Documentation Style II - Author-Date, Reference List; Electronic Footnoting. Though the site lacks detail, it provides a quick and easy-to-read reference to The Chicago Manual of Style.
Collected Advice on Research and Writing
"A collection of advice about how to do research and how to communicate effectively (primarily for computer scientists)." This site provides advice in these categories: Writing and Publishing, Research Skills, Speaking, Career Developments, Related Topics and Resources, Dissertation Advice, and Humor. A thorough site for various mathematics and computer science-related studies.
Grammar & Style Notes
Contains the thoughts and opinions of Jack Lynch of the University of Pennsylvania. According to Mr. Lynch, "These notes are a miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage I put together for my classes. Anyone who can resist turning my own preferences into dogma is welcome to use this HTML edition." The site is both thorough and reliable, and contains valuable and useful grammar information.
Grammar Hotline Directory
This directory lists fax, e-mail, and phone numbers of Grammar Hotlines throughout the country and Canada. You can contact these hotlines with questions and expect a speedy response. Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach developed the first of these hotlines, and many other have emerged since.
University of Illinois Online Handbook
This extensive site, maintained by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, provides helpful information to student writers and instructors of writing alike. The site includes the Writers' Workshop Online Writing Guide (containing The Grammar Handbook, The Bibliography Styles Handbook, and The Writing Process Handbook) as well as an annotated list of "The Best Web Sites for Writers" (containing "Resources for teachers of writing," "Sites that offer online critique of your writing," "Web-based self-help for writers," "Help for students and teachers of English as a Second Language," and "Advice for business and technical writers"). Also contains "Reference Texts and Directories" and "Use WWW Searching Tools." This site is a one-stop writer's paradise.
MLA-Style Citation Style Sheet
(Columbia Guide to Online Style)
This site provides a comprehensive guide to MLA-Style Electronic Citation. Includes style sheets for FTP, WWW, Telnet, Synchronous Communications (MOOs, MUDs, IRC, etc.), Gopher Sites, and E-mail, Listserv, and Newslist Citations. The style sheets are endorsed by the Alliance for Computers & Writing and have been included in many mainstream writing handbooks.
The Online Writery: Conversation Coffeehouse for Writers
"The Online Writery is an ever-evolving community of writers who offer a relaxing and open environment in which to discuss writing in any form." This site provides on-line help for writers, virtual forums for writers, and links to helpful sites. Although priority is given to University of Missouri students, the listserv and virtual cafe make this site flexible and global.
Rensselaer Writing Center Handouts on Writing
Maintained by the RPI Writing Center, this site provides short, printable "handouts" on various writing challenges, including memos, resumes, analytical writing, and gender-fair language. The 15 or so topic covered are randomly scattered throughout the disciplines, but the handouts are worth a look.
Student Guide to WWW Research
This thorough and well-designed site provides the student researcher tools for evaluating WWW sites for accuracy, authenticity, relevance, and authority. The site also discusses the anatomy of a typical Web page and provides tips for conducting thorough and relevant research on the Web.
Writer's Web
University of Richmond's own on-line writing handbook. Extensive and well-researched, this site includes all of the main headings and subheadings of any printed writing handbook. The site provides short, printable "handouts" for student writers, as well as links to other excellent handbooks.
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
Developed out of Yale University's own WWW development experiences, this style manual examines using HTML for graphic page design. This handbook focuses solely upon Web development, and should be required reading for anyone interested in advanced Web page or site design.
The UVic Writer's Guide
This writer's guide is one of the most thorough and well-developed of any on the Web. The site includes help from the most basic problems (sentence structure, paragraphs) to the most complex (literary terms, engaging in critical discussion of a text). Most sections include extensive examples to support each guideline. Designed for the writer engaged in a study of literature, the guide nonetheless provides excellent tips and examples for any writer at any level.

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