Program Information

riting Across the Curriculum involves faculty from various disciplines with Writing Fellows and student writers to improve writing skills beyond the English classroom. Many such writing programs exist on high school, college, and university campuses throughout the country with the same or similar aims. The links below explain how the program functions at the University of Richmond.

Current Participants
WAC classes and the WAC Advisory Committee.

WAC Events
Luncheons, training, and programs.

Program Description
Origin, influences, and description of University of Richmond's WAC Program.

Program Rationale and Goals
What WAC wishes to accomplish among instructors and students at University of Richmond.

Program Overview
Chronological account of WAC's semester-to-semester operation.

Program Evaluation
Instruments completed instructors, Fellows, and students used to detect areas in need of improvement along with areas of excellence.

Writing Fellows and Technology Fellows
Details about their work with students and other job duties