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Evaluation of Writing Consultants

Please use this form to evaluate the consultation that you had with one of our Writing Center consultants. This evaluation will be anonymous unless you wish to provide your contact information at the end of this form.

**If you are unsure who your consultant was, click here for a list of consultants.


Please indicate how much you agree with the following statements about the writing consultant/meeting:

  Completely Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Somewhat Agree Completely Agree
The consultant worked with me on the topics I wanted to address about my assignment
The consultant was open to my ideas about my assignment
The consultant asked more questions than gave directions about my assignment
The consultant was friendly and pleasant to work with
The consultant gave me supplemental materials or directed me to Spider's Web for more information on writing
The consultant was on time to the meeting
The consultant was generally helpful to me
I feel satisfied with my consultation overall
Based on my appointment, I will likely use the Writing Center or see my classroom consultant again in the future



Do you have any other comments about your meeting or the consultant you worked with?


If you would like to be contacted by someone at the Writing Center to discuss the consultation that you experienced, please enter your name and email:


When you are finished, please submit your evaluation:


Thank you! The Writing Center staff appreciates your input so that we can continue to improve our program.