he WAC Resource Binder began as just that: a large, printed set of materials for Richmond faculty who employ Writing Fellows in our program. We have moved this resource online as a series of PDF-format files to enable frequent revisions and access by other WAC programs.

Many of the activities included in our binder are so common in composition theory and pedagogy that their original source cannot be traced. If you know the origins of these activities, please contact the site manager so permission to publish can be requested and proper credit given to the original creator in our next site revision.

Contents:Click on any topic below to download it as a PDF.

Part I Working with WAC:
Advice for students, Writing Fellows, and faculty about how the program works
Part II Thinking about Write-to-Learn Assignments:
Working with Bloom's taxonomy & avoiding plagiarism.

Part III Write-to Learn Assignments:
Exercises to use in and out of class. This section is also available here in HTML format.
Part IV Thinking about Formal Writing Assignments:
Materials to help faculty carefully plan or revise assignments for novice and advanced writers
Part V Formal Writing Assignments:
Sample assignments from WAC faculty at Richmond and other institutions

Part VI Responding to Student Writing
Guidelines for assessing and commenting on written work

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