Levels of language/voice


 VOICE  personal-- pronouns are I, you; author's personality and personal reactions prominent  somewhat less personal, may or may not use personal pronouns I, you; author's personality and personal reactions more subdued  impersonal -- pronouns are one, we, he, or may be absent if passive voice is used; little or no direct representation of the author's personality
 TONE  wide range of tones possible, usually expressed conspicuously, sometimes without restraint  wide range of tones possible, expression more subdued  in theory, a wide range of tones is possible, but the expression is highly controlled
 VOCABULARY  informal, conversational; may include slang, profanity, dialects; fairly simple vocabulary  ranges from conversational to more formal standard English; vocabulary varies from common to unusual; some figurative language  formal standard English, much more likely to be written than spoken except in oratory, speeches; more foreign and archaic words
 SENTENCES  short, simple, with less variation than in middle or formal levels  
wide range of lengths; average length in middle range; some variation in patterns and construction
 wide variation in lengths; longest average number of words; most complex construction

(Elbow 161)


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