If society moves to conducting business and life over the computer instead of in person, along with the high-tech way of life, inevitable problems will occur. We have already been exposed to may of those problems, especially the division of society along economic lines. The shift to a cyberworld, although it was meant to start from scratch and once again create all people equal, has proven that anywhere humans go they will try to classify themselves and stick width people with whom they have something in common. Evidently, this is part of human nature, a part that computers can neither enhance nor take away. The Internet society has already divided society by separating those who have access to the Internet from those who do not, and the dividing lines are continuing to move as those who do have access are categorized according to the power of their computer and the vastness of their knowledge. Although we cannot look anywhere but ahead and cannot expect to go backwards, the Internet will cause a new set of problems that must be contemplated before computers can invade all the parts of our society.

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