The Impact of Technology on Society:


As technology increases, we, the people using the Internet for school, work, and play, are learning more and more information, life skills, and other things that help us to cope in a technologically advanced world. However, there are many more people who do not have Internet access, or access to a computer of any kind, than people who do have this advantage. As our society continues to move forward using new technological advances, we have to worry that those who are not as adept at using computers (if they can use them at all) are going to be left behind, uneducable and unemployable. As we fly into the twenty-first century on the wings of technological advances, the gap widens between those who are skilled at computers and those who are not.

There is no real way to tell whether those who do not have computer training will end up being behind those who do, and if they do end up being behind, there is no way of telling how behind they will be. All we can do is try to predict and, in the meantime, try to educate all the people we can.

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