Quality vs. Quantity

"I'm coming from the standpoint of a Communications major who doesn't see the computer as an effective way of communicating. Maybe more efficient, but isn't quality more important than quantity?"

-Celeste Fernandez

"How is anything deemed important? I look on the net, but I have a hard time understanding how to differentiate between the really important stuff and the things people with too much time do."

-Jessica Heitman

"I think that the emerging technology will enhance the quality of the classrooms that have access to them by expanding the academic community in which they study and the quality of information that they have access to."

-Kevin McCarron

The Experience of the Experts:

"Rather than focus on a few good, scholarly resources to begin their research, some students will literally gather everything they can find- no matter what its quality or depth."

-Fred Muratori, Cornell University librarian

"Searches of the Web and most computerized databases are usually done by key word, so the results are rarely ranked by their usefulness or trustworthiness. Students, therefore, can waste a lot of time gathering huge amounts of only marginally relevant information, instructors and librarians said."

-Brooke A. Masters (Masters 6)

"There is no evidence that a well-equipped mind can be displaced by 'accessing skills'".

-E.D. Hirsch, Jr. (Hirsch 15)

Survey Says?!

"University of Richmond students, how would you rate the overall quality of the information that is present on the Internet?" (32 students surveyed)

Excellent: 31% Good: 44% Fair: 22% Poor: 3%

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