Knowledge and Fear- Hand in Hand?

"We need to be able to understand technology and make use of it, rather than be frightened by what we don't understand. . . Knowledge is the key to ending the fear that arises with the invention of new technology."

-Elizabeth Brandler

"In fact, prior to this year I was "scared" to use computers, simply because of my lack of knowledge concerning practical usage."

-Erin Fleming

"I kind of feel like this [computer] is such a long-term investment and I really don't know how to take care of it. In the future, I'm not going to know what to do to get it repaired."

-Townsend Tucker

"I sometimes fine myself being afraid of new technology because it just seems that as soon as I learn how to do one thing, there is something new and better to do. . . [But on the other hand] no one should be scared. . . Since a human being is ultimately in control, a computer is not going to be able to do things that people, real people, did not program it to do."

-Meghan Marvel

"I see computer technology or cyberspace not as knowledge but as a tool for obtaining it."

Is Fear Itself Really the Only Thing to Fear? Survey Says?!

"University of Richmond students, have you ever experienced anxiety in relation to any of the following situations? Check all that apply." (20 students surveyed)

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