Generation X and Technology

An Introduction

Population break-down
The Internet serves users world wide, from all walks of life, but as a recent survey from SRI indicates, Gen Xers are well represented in the Web population.

Student thoughts
In response to Mick Doherty's article "Marshall McLuhan Meets William Gibson in 'Cyberspace,'" students at the University of Richmond voice their opinions on the emergence of technology and cyberculture and their role in the transition.

Student Homepages
Web access is just one of the benefits of a collegiate education, but students at universities and colleges across America have taken advantage of it and created home pages. Here, a site that provides student page listings and links to home schools.

The Phenomenon of WebZines
The Web -- it's not just for techies anymore. With the recent flood of mainstream internet use, a new form of on-line entertainment has emerged. WebZines (magazine produced on-line) have inundated the web ranging in subject from technology to movies, education to automobiles. Here, a listing of zines compiled by Nerd World Media.

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