What is Narrative Writing?

A narrative is a written story about an event or action in the life of the narrator who writes from his or her point of view.


Narratives are often reflective in nature, as they allow the narrator to look back into his or her past to analyze and evaluate an important event or action.


Narratives are important because:

1. They allow the narrator to explain his or her actions and decisions.

2. They deepen the narrator's awareness of reality.

3. They help the narrator to understand his or herself.

4. They force the narrator to sort through the plethora of events and actions in his or her life, in order to focus on those that are most important.

5. They give the narrator a record of his or her past to look back on.

6. They help the narrator to identify his or her strengths and weaknesses.

7. They will be used in the University of Richmond Business School Portfolio Project and will provide an accurate depiction of the narrator as he or she has grown through his or her time in the University of Richmond Business School, demonstrating to faculty and future employers the talents and knowledge gained during college.


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