Steps to Writing a Narrative

These steps can help you begin to write the narratives needed for the University of Richmond Business School Portfolio Project. For more help with writing, please see the Writer's Web, a writer's handbook on the web provided by the University of Richmond Writing Center.

1. Do brainstorming and freewriting.

- Both allow you to write without editing, to let your thoughts flow freely on those events or activities that you want to include in your project.

- Both will let your unconscious direct you to those events and activities that are most important to you.

- Each of these events or activities will be a small narrative that you will then link together to form your project.

2. Include a date and title for each narrative section.

3. Write each narrative section from your perspective, using the pronouns I and me.

4. Include a section with a narrative of autobiographical information.

5. Make sure that at least one narrative reflects your demonstration of each of the following required portfolio competencies. You need to demonstrate them all by the end of your project. Competencies include:

a. Ability to integrate basic technical knowledge, skills, and abilities into all areas of business
b. Ability to creatively address complex business problems
c. Ability to communicate in a highly effective manor
d. Ability to initiate, organize, and lead change
e. Ability to engage in appropriate ethical and professional behavior

This list was compiled with the help of Mary Louise Holly's book entitled Writing to Grow.

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