Narratives with a Job Search Focus

Your Business Portfolio Project will be an asset when applying and interviewing for jobs. The list below includes suggestions to include in the narratives of your project to impress and inform possible employers of what you can do for their company.

1. Decide what type of job you are looking for and describe it, including your likes and dislikes of certain vocational areas.
2. Discuss specific jobs that require talents that you have and like to use.
3. Do self-analysis by describing your major characteristics as factually as possible.
4. Compare the jobs you are looking for to the talents you possess.
5. Prove that you have the qualities and talents needed for the job you are looking for by providing examples of your previous college activities. Include the following:
What problems you have encountered.
What you did to deal with those problems.
What resulted from your actions and what you learned from the activity.

This advice is from Norman G. Shidle's book entitled The Art of Successful Communication.

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