Getting Feedback on Narrative Writing

Whether you use your roommate, a classmate, a tutor, or a friend over the Internet, reading your narrative to two or more people to receive constructive feedback will help to ensure that your writing is clear and easy to understand. Collaborative writing is a proven method in revision and clarification.

Ask for feedback using these three questions:

1. What images or phrases do you remember most from the narrative?
(Make sure that the main points that the listener derives from your narrative are the same as the main points you want to express.)

2. What feelings or emotions did you experience while reading the narrative?
(Make sure that you want the listener to experience the emotions or feelings he or she derives from your narrative.)

3. What would you like to know more about in the narrative?
(Consider including any additions or suggestions that listeners offer to you to expand your narrative so that other listeners can better understand the experiences you are describing.)

This advice is from Sheila Bender's book entitled Writing Personal Essays.

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