Narratives with an Experience Focus

The Business Portfolio Project uses narratives to explain how a student grows through projects and activities they experience during their time in the Business School of the University of Richmond. It is critical for you to be able to vividly describe your experiences and growth. The following is a list of suggestions to help you to describe your experiences more clearly and eloquently.

1. Concentrate on experiencing what you are writing about. Connect and participate with as vividly as possible the actions and events you are describing.
2. Let your ideas and words flow easily - revise and be critical later.
3. Describe your most vivid memories.
4. Write about those memories and experiences that are most important to you.
5. Visualize yourself doing the action or activity you are describing.
6. Read your narrative out loud as much as possible.
7. Get feedback from at least two other people to practice collaborative writing.

The list was recommended in Peter Elbow's book entitled Writing With Power.

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