Narratives with a Creative Focus

Creativity is an important part of the Business Portfolio Project. Students should try to make their project professional as well as making it unique and reflective of their own personality. The list below offers some ideas for creative twists on the narrative style of writing.

1. Do a portrait or description of yourself, both exterior and interior.
2. Construct a portrait or description of someone you admire.
3. Write about an issue that is very important to you and your beliefs.
4. Describe a dinner with two great people of the past and why you believe they are important and what you would ask them.
5. Discuss a work of art or music that is important to you.
6. Interview yourself on paper.
7. Reflect on how you have changed since your first year of college.
8. Explain those people or events that have greatly impacted your life.
9. Give advice to yourself in the future and detail what your goals and ambitions are.

These suggestions were compiled with the help of May Louise Holly's book entitled Writing to Grow.

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