Reluctant and Unresponsive Students

Consultants may see that the requirement component of the Business Portfolio brings reluctant and unresponsive students into the conferences. Many may feel the ECRSB Portfolio is a waste of time while others simply feel their accomplishments do not measure up to competencies of the Portfolio. The best way consultants can help these students is to remain patient and courteous while revealing the value of having a tool such as the ECRSB Portfolio when entering life's endeavors. Here are some helpful hints:

1. If the student lacks dedication to the portfolio, re-emphasize that you are there to assist the student to the best of your ability. Understand you may not be able to change the student's attitude, whether it be an antagonistic outlook or that of insufficiency. However, any breakthrough will prove monumental as the the student will begin to be interested in the task.

2. While taking the time to understand the student's frustration, remind them that , upon completion of the the portfolio, they will be leaving UR with an enormous asset in hand. Not only will the portfolio allow one to reflect on what kind of person they are, how they arrived where they are, and where they want to go, but a concise accumulation of one's personal skills and goals also will distinguish individuals considerably in the eyes of an employer, faculty member, or the Board of Admissions. Uninterested students need to know the value of documenting a discussion of one's personal development here at the University of Richmond to achieve future goals. They will probably already be aware of the benefits of having the the portfolio in the corporate sector.

3. Avoid getting wrapped up in the student's complaints about the ECRSB Portfolio or a particular professor. Consultants should distance themselves from the notion of degrading the teacher or the assignment.

Leigh Ryan's The Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors and Todd Ferrante's Notes to Portfolio Consultants presented at a workshop at the University of Richmond on November 22, 1998 was used to compile this list.

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