Learning Disabilities

Consultants may encounter conferences with students possessing learning disabilities. These situations pose a new challenge for consultants that need to be treated with enormous discretion. Whether a student has trouble grasping information or plainly reverses letters and words, consultants should make sure they do not second guess learning disabilities. Some students will be able to correct a mistake in their writing and yet immediately commit the same error. This does not mean such a student is lazy. It only calls for the consultant to be more patient as the student copes with their situation. Treating LD students with the respect expected toward any other student and avoiding condescending remarks will enable the consultants to aid these students to the best of their ability.

**Note** Business Portfolio Consultants are not to be learning disability consultants**

Instead, understand the need to be patient and to actively involve the student in the conference. If concerns arise over certain students or situations, consultants are advised to seek a professional opinion.

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