Another Writing Center's Guidelines

Washburn University's Writing Center has outlined guidelines for its Writing Consultants that relate to some issues addressed in my proposal. For example, a Writing Consultant:
3. assists students to develop their abilities through asking questions and helping them internalize as well as express the "correct" answers by explaining concepts and techniques and giving them practice using those concepts and techniques.

(This objective relates to Warnock and Warnock's idea that tutors help students develop their own abilities to express themselves. The idea of asking the students questions is a basis of our writing center too. I do have a problem with saying that writing tutors can help students find "correct" answers. "Correct" according to whom?)

6. Does not proofread or write students' papers for them (but instead works directly with the student in an interactive manner)

(This objective emphasizes that ideas for students papers are their own.)

13. Avoids allowing any political, social, educational, philosophical, racial or sexual biases or preferences to have a part in his/her tutoring relationships with individuals. (Sheldon)

(This objective calls for addressing only a student's problems with writing, and nothing else.)
These guidelines seem to purport what I am proposing here, that tutoring should be collaborative, but should give a certain amount of control to the student.

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