Apprenticeships: Spring 2009 Schedule

Writing Center Apprentice Schedule - Spring 2009
Last First Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Cable Bill         4-5 Dylan Essertier
Clark Erin   9 - 10     10-11 Fiona Carmody
Eisenberg Jill       2-3 Jake Winckler
3-4 Megan Venable
Estep Meagan   10-11 Jessie Pascarelli      
Gehrke Sarah 6 - 7 Lizzie Petkanics 7 - 8     1-2 Johanna Gehlbach
2-3 Mona Hovaizi
Hegwood Colin   3-4 Marianne Williams      
Hull Taylor       10 - 12  
Lietzau Kathleen 4-5 Aleena Sorathia 3-4 Chris Hilpl    
Mitchell Sam     7-8
Maria Ribas
Reilly Megan   8-9 Madeline Small 4 - 5
Emily Dowd
Venable Catie     1-2
Elon Ng
  2-3 Alex Child
3-4 Erin Edwards

Writing Center Training
Each week, you will work one hour at the Writing Center; you will have a choice of shifts, but you must choose an hour when a supervisor is working.

Early in the semester you will observe tutor-supervisors at work. At first, you should conduct a few team tutorials with your supervisor. Once you begin tutoring on your own, you will be able to consult Joe Essid or the supervisor on your shift who will serve as your coach.

Later, if demand for the Center's services warrants it, some of you might change shifts and work without a supervisor. All Writing Center reports that you type for instructors will be reviewed by Joe Essid or a supervisor.

Apprenticing as Writing Fellows
During your weekly hour at the Writing-Center, you may be assigned drafts from my Eng. 103 class. In class, we will discuss the assignments and best approaches for assisting these writers. You can find links to my Core schedule with descriptions of assignments at this link.

Attendance Policy During Apprenticeships
Your apprenticeships at the Writing Center not only affect your grade, but they can also greatly determine whether or not you will be invited to work with us in the future.

Do not switch hours with another tutor, unless you've cleared it with Joe Essid and notified your supervisor. Skipping a session is grounds for dismissal from the program after the semester ends, and it will lower your grade in class.

Conversely, some students who provide us drafts can be cavalier about keeping their appointments with tutors. If you are "stood up," return the paper to Joe Essid. In some cases he may ask you to make one "good faith" effort to contact the writer.

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