Paragraph One:

  • Pornography & Music Lyrics--->same conclusions
  • Pornographic Films--->limits on violence and porn good for viewers younger than 18
  • Music--->individual act, individual preference
  • 3 Factors in assessing each--->moral values, opinions, environment

    Paragraph Two:

  • Viewers' perception affected by moral values
  • eg. Freddy Krueger murders someone--either victim deserved it or it was a tragedy
  • eg. Swearing in a song--either needed for message or inappropriate

    Paragraph Three:

  • Opinions (different from moral values) different for each person
  • Everyone entitled to see or listen to what they like, except those younger than 18

    Paragraph Four:

  • Environment influences reactions
  • Person raised in a ghetto could be hardened by experience
  • Person raised in "rural area" not as likely to be hardened by experience
  • Conclusion: films should have limits, music should not.

    Notes about the glossing exercise:

  • It immediately picked up contradictions in paragraph one ("same conclusions" and "One the other hand, we viewed the topic of music . . . ") and paragraph three (films limited, music up to individual)
  • Demonstrated potential strength of paper (3 factors and caveat about minors) that could be used once the contradictions have been resolved
  • Showed that only paragraph three provides an example--where are the others? Could the same examples be expanded and used for the other two factors that influence views of violence and pornography?
  • Glossing says nothing about the failure to follow the assignment. It only addresses what is on the page.

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