Philosophy & Policies

Class Policies

The nature of the class requires that you carefully manage your time. Although none of the required work is lengthy, the work is frequent and you will not be able to get behind and hope to do well in the course. For this reason read all of the following policies carefully.

  • Course Grades:
    • 20% final project
    • 20% midterm
    • 20% journal
    • 20% commentary/reports
    • 20% class participation and apprenticeship: your attendance, preparedness, and willingness to speak with the group and engage your peers.
  • Attendance:
    • We are a small class. I won't give you lots of parental grief for skipping, but you probably won't be hired by me if you skip a lot. In any case, more than one unexcused absence will affect your grade in the class. More than four absences can result in failure (and no job with the program, certainly). Notify me in advance if you think you might be absent.
  • Late work: Unless I agree in advance to accepting late work, all such work will earn a grade of zero.

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