"Feller Citizens and Hosses--Hurra ! there's a prospect of war. Skunk Holler is in arms and on its feet, and the earthquake about, bustin' from 26,000,000 of greased lungs, is reverberated over all this tall land. Mean sneakin', toad hoppin', snake crawlin', sword scared on, house settin' on fire, barbarous, David Crocket killin' Mexico has dared to show her cat-teeth, to the neavenrous, lightnin' defyin' and death swallerin' Uncle Sam. [Shouts.] Methinks, and oh hosses, I spy the spirits of '76, goodnesses of liberty ! soarin' on its turkey's wings around you ! ['Whar ?' says one, looking up.] You great hoss, I'm speakin' in a figger. I see them flappin' their shinin' pinions and pipin' the affectin' war cry of Yankee Doodle ! (Crowd, Yankee Doodle ! Cock-a-doodle do !) Bring out the Long Tom of Bunker Hill, and the thousand Pounder of New Orleans ! Let them roar till they crack the welken', set the clouds on fire and knock the Poles over. The wrath swung cleaver of Uncle Sam shall split the numbskull of Sandy Hannah in a handy manner, and Skunk Holler will bung up the daylights of this country ! Let us dig a hole with the pickaxe of vengeance, scream the Mexicans into it and sink 'em into Chany ! Whar is the skunk that don't ecky them sentiments ? He aint no whar, nor ever was !--(Three cheers and a whistle.) The country's safe ! (Shout.) It's great but it's safe ! (Shout.) I believe I'll take a drink.

Notes: New York Spirit of the Times 15.16 (14 June 1845): 179. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

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