Stump Speaking in Arkansas.

About nine o’clock the voters, numbering near one hundred, presented themselves, and a round shouldered shock-haired man arose and addressed them as follows :

Feller Citizens—This are a day for the people of Wolf’s Mouth, and I mought say, if I warn’t modest, that our carnal entranchasemen (that’s a hard word but I got through with it!) depends on our heterognous exertions! Bill Sculpin are our candidate, and Jack Jondes swears that he’s bound to shoot every man that don’t vote for him! Feller citizens—I’m going to sand my speech with quotation from Seizem the celibrated Latin cricket, when addressed the Carthagenions and Rocky-mountain Cods at the battle of the Cow Pens! Look out!—I’m comin’—cock your rifles and be ready! ‘Eat ye burute E.’ as the immaculate feller said, when he got stabbed in the back in the House of Representatives!

Long and loud were the shouts of the orator’s party, and it was with difficulty silence could be maintained, until at last the opposing speaker mounted the stump.—He commenced in the following classical manner :

Feller Citizens—There arnt no one skeered in this crowd! I’m not afflicted like Charley Cuplivar, with the disease called E plurubus unum! ‘Tempt us fugit,” by the concordat and evacuating nabob of Jerusalem! Old Jim Grimes thought he’d frighten me with his Greek! but I can put in the big licks and pile on as much agony as he ever heard of! ‘Pue stultus!’ ‘Santa Parissima Block, Island Point Judih Lex taglionis!’ Historia Sacre! ‘and ‘fiducet et Broadaxe!’ What does the fellow [1] think of himself now.’ He’s a travelling synagogue ; but he can’t catch me with his high felutin words! Vote for Tom Cressy, he’s a horse, and so am I! ‘Ecco signum!’ ‘Abinito!’ De jure and dum spire, spere, Hurrah for Tom Cressey!’

We stood at Wolf’s Mouth for nearly three hours and had the satisfaction of seeing Tom Cressey elected ;--all through the superior learning of the last speaker.


Source: New York Spirit of the Times 14.7 (13 April 1844 ): 81. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

[1] Original reads "fe!low." Typesetter error probable.

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