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Whair as, moar over, nevertheless, the selybrated Fire King is duin awl most impossibull feets in swalerin hot stuffs, eatin red hot snobawls, tu the stonishment ov owl hoo seas him. This is to let foax no eye kan beet him, un if every body wil cum whair I B, Ile swaller the follerin artykles, bout as quick oz Davy Crockett cood eat a red hot jonny kake. Fore hogsits bilin hot sope, red hot kro-bars by the acur, red hot potash by the tun, seven steme-botes, passengers and awl—4ty bob sleds, wun spinnin jinny, 60 red hot Printur’s devils, 90 live skunks, wun rale rode, half dozen whayl ships, wun iron foundry, tew hogsits nu sider, 4 doses jallap, tew nale factrees, 20 krabapple trees, 6 bushels bul frogs, 11 miles of the rocky mountains, 6 weaks the hottest weather in Jeuly, 6 barrels of gun powder, 43 live sturgins, 6 mad dogs, wun sea sarpint, 2 dog churns, 5 saw mills, 20 bair traps, (all set,) 6 raw klams, 5 pacin hawses to settle my stomack. If ony bode kan beet that, I gess they’ll skunk them air Yankees down east, and tha bete awl nature.



Source: Spirit of the Times and Life in New York 1.38 (1 September 1832): 1. (University of Virginia Alderman Library).

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