A Declaration of Principles

"Feller citizens," said an Arkansas orator who mounted the stump a short time since—"Feller citizens, didn't I aid in riding Bill Poker, the blackleg, on a rail?"

"You did! you did!" said his auditory.

"Didn't I, feller citizens, lick that big pedlar from the Jarseys that spoke disrespectfully of our State?"

"Yesyou did! you did!" unanimously shouted the meeting.

"Feller citizens, when Jim Jenkins was prosecuted by his political enemies for horse stealing, didn't I, as foreman of the jury, write his verdict' guilty of assault and battery, ' recommending him to mercy?"

Cries of" You did! you did!you're a buster!"

"Is there a man in this crowd, feller citizens, that doesn't owe me a drink?"

"No, not one."

"Havn't you always seen me willing to stand treat?"

"Alwaysalwaysyou're a horse!"

"Well, now, you all know I voted for old Tip "and Tyler too," at the last election; but if ever I do it again, I'll be . Let's liquor."



Source: New York Spirit of the Times 11.28 (11 Sept. 1841): 334.

Joe Essid, UR English Department, prepared this transcript.

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